The Mary Project

The pictures that are found below are a result of several comic book conventions worth of pestering artists to provide me with their interpretation of the Virgin of Gudalupe.

It dawned on me that having comic artists give their shot might provide some very interesting results. Except for a couple of the pictures below that were too big, all items have been scanned.

You may click through each thumbnail to open a very very large scan of the original art. Please contact me at justin@23rdlegion.com if you have any questions, or would like to contribute to the project. Thank you.

Cal Slayton Chad Thomas Greg Titus Jeremy Haun
Josh Howard Kevin Steele Khary Randolph Kody Chamberlain
Robbi Rodriguez Robert Atkins Samax Randolph Butch Adams
Chris Herndon Chris Moreno Dave Crosland Jim Mahfood
Joe Riley Tom Kurzanski Benjamin Hall Jason Latour
Mike Norton Richard Dominguez Ryan Cody