It’s Not All Just Decals…

Sure, just about 90% of the stuff I pump out is bookish-related, but there are some aspects of the great work I get to do that I don’t share very often just because it isn’t very germane to about 90% of my audience. One of the greatest things I get to do is help create and cut stencils for one of the best motorcycle and automotive painters/restorers in the Dallas area.

I’m totally amazed that a flat stencil (like the Harley one below) can be turned into such a vibrant piece of finished artwork. Yes, I do get to help him shortcut some of the harder aspects of recreating faithful logos, but he does all the magic.

In addition, I’ve helped out with highlight details for more than a couple motorcycles and cars/jeeps/trucks/etc. I’ll definitely be showing off more of the one-off pieces I’ve thrown together over the past couple of years in addition to a couple of decal/stencil projects that might just surprise and/or inspire you.


Justin Bowers

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