Slacking off already?!?!

Yep, there is nothing quite like launching a new content channel and then slagging off for almost two weeks. I’d like to say I had a good excuse, but really I was slacking off with the Mrs. down in Southeast Georgia.

Sure, I concepted a few new designs while I was sitting on my butt drinking beer, watching birds, and providing a plentiful food supply for the are mosquitoes, but mostly I just stayed the heck away from anything ‘work’ related.

Hell, I caught a shark!

(please note, the shark was fin-clipped, measured, and then returned to the sea as part of a research project)

I even found some new snacks.

So now it’s back to the grind. There are a couple of new designs that will be debuting over the next couple of days that are very exciting, and I have a couple of new stencil jobs that I want to show off. As usual, if you have any decal/stencil needs (no matter how weird or mundane), hit me up!

Justin Bowers

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